Joe Bullock

How did you discover that you had testicular cancer?
I went for a routine physical at my doctors office. I was twenty five years old and healthy. I actually had not had one in a while I was getting married and my pastor just suggested I get one before I got married. Being twenty five at the time I did not think the doctor would not find anything. It wasn’t what he could not find that became alarming. He noticed I only had one testis. He ask if I had ever had concerns about that I only had one. (mind you it’s 1993) I told him I thought I was okay and told by my parents and other doctors that I was born that way. I was told there was no need for concerned but it had been a source of embarrassment as grew up. My doctor paused for a moment and then got pretty serious. My world was about to turn up side down for a few weeks. (I was getting married in a week) He told me I don’t want to worry but your other testicle is undescended. My concern is you may have testicular cancer. My mouth dropped I could not believe what I was hearing. I had to have him repeat it again. My first thought was should we postpone the wedding and how am I going to tell my fiancé I might have cancer the week before our wedding. I was hyperventilating at that point. My doctor calmed me down. We then did a few blood test and scheduled a MRI. He then told me to go get married and enjoy my honeymoon but I needed to be in his office the day after I got back to get the MRI and scheduled surgery to removed the undescended testicle and test it for cancer cells . For well over a month a worried I might have testicular cancer. All results after surgery came back negative and the MRI showed no signs of cancer any where else. My twenty five Year old self was relived not for myself but my young bride as well. My doctor told me to do monthly exams of my only ball left each month. If I felt any pain or changes to come see him immediately. This would not be my only venture into my cancer journey. My Dad and grandfather both had prostate cancer. I have been getting test for that cancer since my 30’s. Then in a routine colonoscopy at age fifty I was diagnosed with stage3b colorectal cancer. I had surgery to have my tumor removed along with 40 lymph nodes and three of those tested positive for cancer. I did six months of chemotherapy. I hoped and prayed it had not spread to my other ball. All latest scans show I’m cancer free. With all this said early detection can save your life. It saved mine. Learn how to check your balls men! Your life depends on it!

How old were you when you were diagnosed with testicular cancer?

Tell us how you felt/feel, in regards to speaking about your cancer diagnosis & journey with family/friends?
I share with family and friends when the subject comes to life.

Tell us how you felt/feel, in regards to speaking about your cancer diagnosis & journey with the public?
I am learning to find my voice. I would if given the opportunity.

Do you plan on celebrating National Ball Check Day on the first Tuesday in April each year? If so, tell us more!
Yes! Early detection is extremely important! Your life may depend on it! I will be joining in and telling others in group and other social media pages.